Whatever you sex, age or skin type, our powerful combination of plant enriched formulas and personalised massage movements means your skin is in the best hands. Clarins treatments are designed to ensure maximum efficacy – delivering immediate and long lasting results.


Choose from five Expert Facials, each facial is unique and perfectly adapted to you. At the heart of each treatment lies a 25 minute massage, with its unique-to-us micro circulation and drainage techniques that help smooth, shape, firm and relax skin to really get you glowing.


Expert Facial £85

The following treatments can also be added to your facial to create the ultimate luxury experience £28 each

20 minute back massage

Scalp, neck and decollete massage

Arm and foot massage


Whether you’ve spotted your first fine lines or have more mature skin that’s lacking in firmness and radiance, this facial is the ultimate youth boost. A thorough skin diagnosis allows your therapist to create a treatment that addresses your particular concern. Whether affected by hormonal changes, pollution or stress, this treatment will firm, tone and smooth lines – as well as delivering the trademark Clarins luminous glow.


This glow getting treatment hits refresh on tired, lacklustre skin, delivering a double shot of radiance and hydration. Micro circulation boosting massage and targeted products work synergistically to create enviably soft, luminous skin.


Like a long drink for the skin, this feel-good treatment pampers dry, fragile skin types. – relieving tightness, plumping out fine lines and restoring comfort, softness and radiance.


This detoxifying, purifying treatment is perfect for oily or combination skin types. Impurities are gently removed; shine reduced: and pores appear tightened. Leave with clear refreshed and rebalanced skin.


Calm and soothe sensitive skin with this highly effective, professional standard treatment. Expect immediate comfort and a visible reduction. Skin is left strengthened and radiant.


The power of nature in an unwinding 60 minute facial treatment. Reconnect with yourself, reclaim your peace of mind and leave relaxed with a radiant complexion. A super relaxing and sensorial escape combining the power of Clarins AromaPhytoCare and unique well-being techniques. This facial includes a personalised oil and a face, neck and shoulder massage, providing immediate and long lasting results on the skin, mind and senses. You will experience a deep relaxation and your skin will look radiant and nourished.