Eyebrow: £17

Lip: £12

Chin: £12

Cheek: £12

Lip & Chin: £17

Lip, Chin & Eyebrow: £32

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Lashes: £15

Eyebrows: £11

Lashes & Brows: £20

A patch test is required at least 24 hrs prior to appointment for all new clients to tinting with us.

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Introducing the must have celebrity brow treatment that anyone can have.
Have you ever wondered how celebrities manage to get those perfectly formed eyebrows?

The secret is HD Brows
The treatment that defines your natural beauty through a unique and revolutionary seven-step high definition process.

Eyebrow beauty redefined
HD Brows is a high-precision procedure that transforms even the most over plucked brow into its perfect shape, dramatically enhancing your facial features.  This isn’t just shaping and tidying –  HD Brows is eyebrow artistry.

The art of natural-looking, sculpted brows
Whoever you are, whatever the state of your eyebrows, HD Brows puts celebrity beauty within your reach.

Based on the ancient are of “threading”, the treatment consists of seven unique procedures that are performed by highly trained and skilled HD Brows stylists.

Initial Consultation and treatment £30
Follow up appointments within 4 weeks £22
Follow up appointments over 4 weeks £27

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Exciting – Innovative – Alluring
Experience a wide eyed, youthful look with Nouveau Lashes…
Nouveau Lashes are state-of-the-art semi-permanent lash extensions that give longer, thicker, very natural looking lashes. Soft and curved, Nouveau Lashes have a flat base and a fine, polished tip, just like natural lashes and are applied individually for a striking and defined result.
* Convenient because there is no need for mascara…Although water based mascara can be applied to the tips of the lashes for extra definition.
* Extremely comfortable…Not only is there no discomfort during your procedure, the lashes are virtually weightless and do not cause the natural lash to fall out prematurely.
* Swim, shower and exercise…Without worrying about them falling out.
* Save money with longer lasting lashes…Easily maintained, lashes can be topped up every 3 – 4 weeks, this helps retain fullness and guarantees longevity.
* Wide range of sizesRanging from 8mm to 13mm

Initial Consultation and Treatment: £85 (allow approx. 90mins)

Rebalancing follow up appointments: £1 per lash

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