It is considered that there is a link between specific pressure points on the feet and the various organs and body systems.


Light pressure is applied to specific areas of the feet restoring the free flow of energy to the whole body and assisting it to heal itself. This improves circulation, cleanses the body of toxins and creates a natural state of balance. It brings relief to a wide range of acute and chronic


and has proved useful in helping deal with illnesses thought to be stress-related – eg: IBS, headaches, migraine, depression and hormone imbalance. It is extremely relaxing and is suitable for all ages.


Initial full consultation and treatment £50

Follow-up appointments £40

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Reiki works by directing energy to the recipient via the therapist by gently placing the hands, non intrusively, in a sequence all over the body (fully clothed). It gives a feeling of relaxation and comfort and restores balance and harmony to the whole person.



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Hopi Ear Candling

An ancient treatment used by North American Hopi Indians. The candles, cylindrical with hollow centres, are made of natural substances. They are placed gently at the entrance to the ear, and are used to cleanse and also regulate pressure in the inner ear. It can be used for many conditions including hay fever, sinusitis, migraine and tinnitus. Snoring can be reduced, and children suffering from glue ear can also be helped. It is a soothing and natural alternative to syringing.


Single session £27
Chronic condition £47

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Aqua Detox

The revolutionary way to detoxify and re-balance your body. when the apparatus is turned on and the array is immersed in the water, the unit creates the electrolytic flow (a flow of electrons) which imparts to the water a bio-energetic filed which corresponds to that of the person using the apparatus. This allows a gentle Bio-Energetic Resonance to travel through the body. The body now starts to re-balance. It all starts when you put your feet in the water!!!!!


One Treatment £30
Course of 6 £150

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